Fragrances for hotels and resorts

Allies of experiences

Create a lovely scented welcome in the hotel lobby. Diffuse the right aroma, create sensory experiences and memorable moments to enhance your guests' stay. Impregnate the lobby, the common areas or compose a catalogue of personalised fragrances which your clients will identify your brand with. Fragrances that become your allies and help create welcoming environments that invite you to stay and come back. Scents so irresistible your customers will want to take home. Replicate your fragrance with your brand logo and present the Home Fragrance line. Completely exclusive olfactory compositions for your hotel or resort from start to finish.

Scents for each and every space

Fragrance composers that speak your brand

Tell us your story and our team of perfumers at Aromas de Ibiza will create a unique fragrance that reflects your brands’ identity. An exclusive signature perfume which to convey your values and personality with. A communication strategy that allows you to connect with each client, evoking sensations and creating a lasting impression, choosing the best locations for each business.


Experts in creating sensory experiences for your customers which will engage them on a journey of the senses. Personalised scents that captivate and attract. Scent a reception, a restaurant or other spaces or offer your clients the possibility to choose from your aroma menu to set the right mood and create the right ambiance.


Olfactory senses relate directly with emotions and desire. At Aromas de Ibiza we compose fragrances that connect, express and help customers have memorable experiences which result in clients feeling comfortable, spending more time inside your store and being more receptive to making a purchase.


At Aromas de Ibiza we are experts in the aromatisation of medical practices. Experts in creating soft fragrances that positively influence and relax patients. Pure aromas that provide a sense of calm and well-being located in the right spot and releasing just the suitable amount of perfume needed.

Space analysis

We analyse every space to adjust and program the amount of fragrance released into the atmosphere, creating the perfect application for every sized space.

Signature scents

Aligned with your brand essence and your clientele’ tastes, our perfumers will compose in two weeks a unique signature fragrance that will set you apart from your competitors.

Advanced technology

Advanced diffuser systems that convert your brand scent into a fine dry mist. Diffusers that can connect to your HVAC system and that can be controlled remotely.

High efficiency diffusers

Made to scent any sized area

We design and manufacture our own nebulization diffusion systems. Equipment that has the latest technology made to prolong your chosen fragrance as it’s released into the atmosphere,  from the smallest space to the big corporations.  Our team of professionals will advise you on choosing the best scent solution for your business, we take care of everything; installation, replenishment and maintenance. Systems that can be connected to the HVAC system, mounted on the wall or standing on the ground. Remotely controlled and programmed equipment that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry mist. Solutions and fragrances for each brand and spaces.


Up to 30m2


Up to 400m2


Up to 200m2


Up to 100m2


Up to 100m2


Up to 150m2


Up to 850m2


Up to 1.600m2

What do you want your brand to smell like?

Write us, together we will create and design your olfactory strategy. A customized olfactory logo that allows you to be unique and unmistakable.

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