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We are an Ibiza based company founded in 2007 and one of the first to bet on scent marketing in Spain. After more than a decade of experience, we are a leading scent marketing company creating olfactory solutions for every surrounding. Our passion for fragrance and technology have positioned us as a cutting edge leader in the sector, manufacturing signature scents for small and large businesses alike. Over these years, we have created memorable sensory experiences targeting our clients’ sense of smell, helping them develop aromas and products with which they can be identified. In addition, if you are thinking of creating your own Home Fragrance brand for your business, we accompany you throughout the development process, from the composition and choice of fragrances to the delivery of the final product. But if what you are looking for is a perfume or a candle for your home, enter our online store, open 365 days a year.

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Aromas de Ibiza

Space Study

We analyze each space to adjust and program the fragrance output, creating the perfect dosage for spaces of any size.

Exclusive Formulas

Aligned with the attributes of your brand and your customer, our perfumer will compose a unique fragrance that sets you apart from the competition.

Advanced Technology

Advanced diffusion systems that convert fragrance into a fine, dry mist. Diffusers that can be connected to the HVAC system and controlled remotely.

Home Fragrances that speak about your brand

Private Label

Creative development to produce perfumes and products for your brand. ​​Develop your own line of fragrances or replicate one of our home fragrances with your branding logo, an extension of your brand to create memorable experiences with which each customer will remember you longer. Together we can develop a bespoke scent that speaks of you. From small to large orders we ship to any corner of the world. A completely exclusive and customised process from start to finish.

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Fragrances of the beautiful and magical Ibiza

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