Personalized home fragrances for your brand

Private Label

Creative formulation to create fragrances and products for your brand. Develop your own line of fragrances or replicate our home fragrances with your perfume and image, an extension of your brand with which every customer will remember you for longer. Together we will develop those fragrances that speak about you. From small to large orders that we ship to any corner of the world. A complete and exclusive olfactory composition from start to finish.

Scented Candles

Soy wax candles perfect for perfuming any space. A decorative element with which your customers will be able to perfume any space. The scent of your brand in their memory for much longer.

Priave Label Aromas de Ibiza

Sticks Diffusers

Fragrance sticks of high quality and careful presentation made from essential oils with your scent and image. A product to sell to your customers or a nice gift for corporate events. A pleasant and long-lasting scent for air freshening.

Car Air Fresheners

The scent of your brand becomes a car ride. Air fresheners personalized with your image and fragrance, either to sell to your customers or as a corporate gift. An attractive and quality product that subtly evaporates the perfume.

Room Spray

Intense, long-lasting and pleasant diffusion of your brand's fragrance. A blend of natural essences that remain for a long time in the environment. A nice souvenir for your customers to remember the moments lived with you and your brand.

Create your

Develop your own line of "home fragrances" with Aromas de Ibiza. Candles, mikados and room sprays with your brand and personalized perfume. Choose the fragrances you like the most, our laboratory will prepare several proposals and choose the ones you like the most. From small minimum orders to large volumes to anywhere in the world.

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