Our fragrances have been created with 100% natural essential oils. Carefully selected for their antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and fungicidal properties such as rosemary, thyme, mint, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus and oregano.


Summer gives way to cooler seasons that are ideal for a fireplace, a warm sweater, cosy throws and the snug scents of Aromas de Ibiza. 

Fragancias cálidas

Marine Musk

A marine and floral heart. Citrus and green notes with a base of sandalwood and musk. 

Fragancias Cálidas

Bergamot & Leather

Top notes of citrus that merge with an ozonic, oriental heart with touches of rose and tobacco. 

Fragancias Cálidas

Ginger & Sandalwood

Spices and citrus mingle in a woody heart. An amber trail with hints of sandalwood and patchouli give you comfort, luxury and sumptuousness.

Fragancias Cálidas

Mandarin & Tiare

Mandarin notes merge into an aniseed floral heart with hints of fruit, leaving a trail of vanilla, sandalwood and musk. 

Fragancias Cálidas

Nutmeg & Benzoin

Citrus and spice blend with cinnamon, roasted honey and a strong floral perfume, wrapped in sweet musk and a balsamic touch. 

Fragancias Cálidas

Vanilla & Mandarin

The citrus notes combine in a heart of tropical fruits with a sweet and creamy touch, leaving a gourmand trail of vanilla and caramel.


A collection of floral and pleasant fruity aromas capable of transporting you to happy moments and unforgettable places. 

Fragancias Estimulantes

Hazelnut & White Musk

Flowers melt into a heart of powdery hazelnuts and give way to a gourmand trail of vanilla and caramel. 

Fragancias Estimulantes

Orange Blossom

Citrus and flowers give way to orange blossom, violet and rose. Musk, jasmine and sweet anise in the background.

Fragancias Estimulantes

Cinnamon Orange & Lily

The fragrances of lemons and orange give way to a scent of water lilies that blend with cinnamon, vanilla and jasmine. 

Fragancias Estimulantes


Green and ethereal top notes are mixed in a heart of red fruits with tropical touches that combine gently with orange blossom and berries.

Fragancias Estimulantes


The fruity and tropical notes of papaya are mixed with green and citrus touches that give way to flowers, spices, coconut and musk. 

Fragancias Estimulantes

Green Tea & Mint

Its bright and aromatic notes reveal a heart of mint with a warm and sweet background.


A family of light and effervescent scents that evoque freshly cut flowers, a day at the beach and a holiday in Ibiza.

Fragancias Frescas


The soft and delicate floral fragrance of orange blossom mixes with the aroma of lemongrass and together they provide a musky background to this fragrance. 

Fragancias Frescas

Lemon & Fig Tree

The effervescent, fruity and citrus fragrance melts into a velvety aromatic heart of green tea and fig leaves. 

Fragancias Frescas

Mango Lime & Mint

Tropical fruits, citrus and sparkling touches give way to a floral, marine and minty heart that leave a trail of musk wood and amber. 

Fragancias Frescas

Blue Sea

A walk along a mediterranean beach. Lemon, flowers, wood, musk and jasmine.

Fragancias Frescas


Notas cítricas y aromáticas revelan un increíble corazón floral y marino. Una elegante base amaderada, floral y ambarada envuelve la fragancia de la sensualidad.

Fragancias Frescas

White Tea

Sparkling and aromatic top notes uncover a heart of white tea with a green floral perfume. Musk and moss envelop this pleasant fragrance.

Fragancias Frescas

Green Tea

Bright and aromatic green tea and lavender. A warm base of amber completes the fragrance. 


Balancing aromas that draw you into calm and wellbeing. Olfactory notes that promote relaxation and tranquillity.

Fragancias Relajantes

Ambered Cotton

Un aroma que tras un inicio cítrico, revela un elegante corazón floral con rastros de ámbar, vainilla y almizcle.

Fragancias Relajantes

Cassis & Lemon

A delicate perfume with a floral heart with citrus notes and a spicy touch. A woody, musky and floral background. 

Fragancias Relajantes


A floral heart with citrus notes and spicy touches. A woody, musky and floral background.

Fragancias Relajantes


Lavender combines with white flowers and the aroma of musky amber gives its touches of wood.

Fragancias Relajantes


Its green floral opening reveals an elegant heart of roses. A base of sandalwood and sweet balsamic wrap the fragrance in warmth and sweetness


Sweet and spicy notes that stimulate your senses and awaken your most passionate side.

Fragancias Sensuales

Toasted Honey & Sweet Spices

Orange and nutmeg give way to spices, flowers, honey and a musky and sweet background.

Fragancias Sensuales

Orange & Cinnamon

Orange gives way to an incredible heart of cinnamon. Vanilla and amber complete the fragrance.

Fragancias Sensuales

Oriental Passion

An extremely floral fragrance with a spicy accent. A musky, vanilla and balsamic base complete this oriental fragrance.

Fragancias Sensuales

Sensual Attitude

Tropical and ozonic notes with a green floral accent reveal a fruity heart of red fruits that blend with flowers and musk.

Fragancias Sensuales

Vanilla & Sandalwood

A refreshing fruity citrus top note with green blends into a marine floral heart. A trail of wood, vanilla and musk clothe the fragrance.


Two scents created to celebrate our tenth anniversary. A homage to our precious Ibiza days and our fun island nights.

Ediciones especiales Aromas de Ibiza

Le Jour

A journey through the Ibizan orange and lemon fields takes us to a paradisiacal Mediterranean beach. 

Ediciones especiales Aromas de Ibiza

La Nuit

Embrace the vibrant, magical, seductive and intense Ibizan nights. An irresistible and very sensual aroma.

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